Welcome to Williamson Road District

   District Executive: Chris Theurich

   Field Office Address:114 Pine Street, Suite 203, Corning, NY 14830

   Phone Number: 607-368-4138

   Email: chris.theurich@scouting.org


The Williamson Road District is comprised of three school districts in PA - Southern Tioga, Wellsboro and Northern Tioga - and three school districts in NY - Addison Central, Campbell-Savona, and Corning-Painted Post.

Key Volunteer Leadership:

Unit Commissioners:

District Journey to Excellance Units:

Unit      Bronze    Silver    Gold
Pack 32             x
Pack 42             x
Pack 63         x    
Pack 129             x
Pack 2062             x
Pack 2106             x
Troop 106             x
Troop 2042         x    
Troop 2044           x  
Troop 2062             x
Crew 2062             x


Neither predicted rain nor below seasonal temperatures could keep Scouts from  Troop 22 in Knoxville and 2044 in Elkland from completing the Williamson Road District’s 20  mile Pine Creek Trail hike on Saturday, Oct. 13. Around noon the clouds disappeared, skies cleared, and the Scouts proceeded down the trail under beautiful autumnal weather.

Tom Miller, trail master, was skeptical about the weather at 7 a.m. as the scouts embarked from the Ansonia beginning point. James Biery, a physician’s assistant and Eagle scout, accompanied the trekkers along their journey to keep a close watch for medical situations. Chris Theurich, Williamson Road District Executive, provided water and safety checks where the trail crossed road intersections.

The local scouts were accompanied by leaders: Pat Harding, Scoutmaster  (Troop 22), Dee Jay Swan, Assistant Scoutmaster (Troop 2044) and Andy Costley, parent (Troop 2044).

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Merit Badges Offered

American Business Inventing
(Archaeology) Journalism
Archery Insect Study
(Art) Medicine
Astronomy Metalwork
Athletics Model Design
Automotive Maintenance Moviemaking
Aviation Music
Backpacking Nature
Bird Study Nuclear Science
Bugling Oceanography
Camping (E) Orienteering
Chemistry Personal Fitness (E) 
Chess Personal Manage (E) 
Cit in the Com (E)  Pets
Cit in the Nat (E)  Photography
Cit in the World (E)  Pioneering
Collections Plant Science
Communication (E)  Programming
Cooking (E)  Public Health
Cycling (E) Public Speaking
Digital Technology Radio
Disability Aware Railroading
Dogcare Reading
Drafting Reptile Study
Electricity Rifle Shooting
Electronics Robotics
Emergency Prep (E)  Safety
Energy Salesmanship
Engineering Scholarship
Entrepreneur Scouting Heritage
Environmental Sci (E)  Scuba Diving
Family Life (E)  Search and Rescue
Farm Mechanics Shotgun Shooting
Fingerprinting Snow Sports
First Aid (E)  Soil & Water Con
Fish and Wildlife Space Exploration
Fishing Sports
Fly Fishing Stamp Collecting
Forestry Sustainability (E) 
Gardening Theater
Genealogy Traffic Safety
Geocaching Truck Transport
Geology Water Sports
Golf Weather
Graphic Arts Welding
Hiking (E)  Wilderness Survival
Home Repairs Woodcarving
Indian Lore Woodwork

The Merit Badge Counselor List is updated daily.  Please click on the link below to ask for the current counselors for any badge:

Contact for current Merit Badge Counselor List



Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Unit Committee Members, and Parents - you are cordially invited to Roundtable, which is the first Thursday of every month during school, at 7 PM in the Williamson High School cafeteria.

The purpose of roundtable is to provide supplemental training to unit leaders, so they can provide a stronger program for their boys - this includes:

  • Program ideas to take back to the unit

  • Tips for meetings

  • Ideas to help units succeed

  • Skill reinforcement to help with teaching boys

  • Unit leader resources

  • Council training available

  • Information on upcoming events

  • Information on BSA and Council policies

  • A forum for sharing ideas and experiences with other unit leaders

* We would always like to make Roundtable better for you and your unit!  Please fill out the survey below:

Roundtable Survey

Contact Roundtable Commissioner

Roundtable Agenda

Nov 1st 2018 Cub Scouts Leader recognition/District Dinner
Boy Scouts Boy Scout and Leader Awards and Recognition, High Adventure Bases and other activities for older Scouts
Dec 6th 2018 Cub Scouts Holiday gathering - Fun, Food, and Fellowship for all
Boy Scouts
Jan 3rd 2019 Cub Scouts Blue and gold/AOL/Webelos crossover
Boy Scouts Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review
Feb 7th 2019 Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby
Boy Scouts Eagle Rank seminar for Life Scouts and Scoutmasters
Mar 7th 2019 Cub Scouts Ceremonies for dens and packs
Boy Scouts How to Organize the Troop Trailer and Make Patrol Boxes
Apr 4th 2019 Cub Scouts How to budget your year and planning it
Boy Scouts Games to reinforce skills required by Tenderfoot through First Class
May 2nd 2019 Cub Scouts Camping/campfire programs/recipes
Boy Scouts Lashing skills and Pioneering Merit Badge projects

Unit Flash-Drive File Index By Month Downloaded

(File Name - Number of Pages in File - File Description)

DEC 2016

1stYear 1stClassREVISED2006 (47 pages) – Get Scouts through 1st Class in 1st year

100IdeasForTroopMeetings (17 pages) – Ideas from Britain

BSGames (43 pages) – All types of games

First Class Program (34 pages) – For Webelos and new Scouts

Knotbook (28 pages) – Diagrams of many knots and splices

Scoutcraft_skills (24 pages) – Reprinted from Boys’ Life Magazine

Scoutfiles (27 pages) – Everything for Scouts from the old Scoutcraft Files

TroopLeaderGuidebookAppendix (25 pages) – Scan of what you can buy

TroopLeaderProgResources (150 pages) – Scan of what you can buy

TroopProgFeaturesV1 (138 pages) – A month of troop program planned by topic

TroopProgFeaturesV2 (138 pages) – A month of troop program planned by topic (Vol 2)

TroopProgFeaturesV3 (138 pages) – A month of troop program planned by topic (Vol 3)

UnitForms (10 pages) – Any BSA form you can fill in


JAN 2017

524-012_BS_Requirements (15 pages) – Boy Scout rank requirements

Eagle (5 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for obtaining Eagle rank

Eagle-Palms (3 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for obtaining Eagle Palms

EasyParacordProjects (316 pages) – Paracord projects with instructions and pictures

First-Class (12 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for First Class rank

Guide to Safe Scouting (115 pages) – Scan of paper guide

Life (4 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for Life rank

OctUsing2x4ToMakeFire (3 pages) – Splitting 2x4 to teach hatchet contact method

Scout (6 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for Scout rank

Second-Class (14 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for Second Class rank

SepBeginnerCompassGame (8 pages) – Teach how to use a compass to Scouts

Star (3 pages) – Guide to help Scout prepare for Star rank

Stormlashing tents and flys (3 pages) – How to keep wind from knocking these down

Tenderfoot (10 pages) – Guide to help Scouts prepare for Tenderfoot rank

Venturing Forum Planning Guide (112 pages) – Venturing Monthly Program Forum


FEB 2017

4_Foil_Pack_Ember_Cooking_Recipes (20 pages) – Great recipes from the Girl Scouts

2010troopguide (38 pages) – Handbook for training new scouts

2012_cookbook (58 pages) – Dutch oven cookbook recipes

33110_-firstaid (14 pages) – Guide to teaching first aid

Aquatics Supervision (314 pages) – How to lead swimming and boating activities

Backpacking (10 pages) – How to teach backpacking

BackwoodsCooking (59 Pages) – From Scouting Magazine

BeginnersDutchOvenCookbook (8 pages) – Teaching Dutch Oven cooking with recipes

BORGuide (15 pages) – How to conduct Board of Review

BoyScoutAchievementAwd (4 pages) – The Leave No Trace Award

Boyscoutsstories (128 pages) – Book of campfire stories

BS_Camporee_Guide_phamplet (27 pages) – How to do a camporee

Bsa_knots_of_recognition (1 page) – Knots leaders can earn

Bsgames (129 pages) – Games to teach Scout skills

Campfire Stories (14 pages) – How to tell a story, including stories

Campfire_Cookbook (40 pages) – Campfire cooking and recipes

CampfireStories (10 pages) – More campfire stories (you can never have too many)

Camping (10 pages) – Camping equipment

Cnoemod (46 pages) – How to teach canoeing and Kayaking

DOCookbook (53 pages) – Another Dutch Oven cookbook

DUTCH_LH (20 pages) – More Dutch Oven cooking

DutchOvenCooking (16 pages) – You can never have too many Dutch Oven recipes

DutchOvenRecipes (22 pages) – Never run out of Dutch Oven recipes

Dutch-Oven-Recipes (33 pages) – Never eat the same recipe twice

Eaglebook (105 pages) – The Eagle Court of Honor Handbook

Foil Dinners (4 pages) – How to cook with foil plus recipes

FoilCook (6 pages) – Foil dinner recipes

FunWithDutchOvens (176 pages) – Dutch Oven detailed instructions plus recipes

Ghost Stories (93 pages) – Ghost stories from Britain

GOWTK-Campfire-Stories-for-Kids (45 pages) – Boys always want new stories

Halloween (17 pages) – Scary ghost stories

ILST finals 2011 (59 pages) – Introduction to leadership skills for troops

InternetAdvancememt (PowerPoint) – How to use Internet Advancement

IOLS_33640_2016 (72 pages) – Introduction to outdoor leadership skills

JLTStaffGuide (356 pages) Junior leader training conference staff guide

Knife (7 pages) – Knife, ax, and saw safety

Lashing (11 pages) – Lashing skills

M49440095_WRFA_ERG (121 pages) – Wilderness and remote first aid

MB Wilderness_Survival_Guide (68 pages) – Wilderness Survival merit badge guide

Orienteering (16 pages) – How to Orienteer

Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook (210 pages) – Creative Dutch Oven recipes

PioneeringProjects (76 pages) – Projects big and small

Risingstar (99 pages) – Recipes of all kinds

RopeSplicing (33 pages) – Many diagrams to make teaching easier

SMminute (47 pages) – 163 Scoutmaster Minutes

The Cremation of Sam McGee (2 pages) – Classic campfire story

The Shooting of Dan McGrew (2 pages) – Campfire favorite

TnTTTCookbook1 (111 pages) – Breakfast, lunch, and supper recipes

Whipping (6 pages) – Clear diagrams of how to whip a rope


MAR 2017

510-025 (2 pages) – The Eagle Service Project for beneficiaries

512-047_WB (6 pages) – How to increase advancement

512-728_WB_fillable (3 pages) – Eagle Scout Rank Application

512-927_fillable (26 pages) – Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

524-012_BS_Requirements (15 pages) – Boy Scout Rank requirements

2015GuideToAdv (100 pages) – Replaced by 2017 Guide to Advancement

2016_JTE_Troop_Scorecard (2 pages) – Replaced in 2017

2016_JTE_Troop_Spreadsheet (Excel file) – Replaced in 2017

2017OutdoorAdventureGuidePineCreekOutfitters (12 pages) – What they provide

33088 (100 pages) – Replaced by 2017 Guide to Advancement

Adult Application (9 pages) – Electronic Adult Application

AviatiomMB (1 page) – How to win a week at Space Camp

Bluebirds (5 pages) – How to manage a habitat for eastern bluebirds

BSA Awards List (2 pages) – All BSA awards available

BSRankReq (15 pages) – Boy Scout rank requirements

Climbing-Wall-Usage-Request (2 pages) – Request using Mansfield U climbing wall

COPE COURSE AT CAMP BRULE (2 pages) – Information

Exploration (10 pages) – Exploration merit badge book

FingerLakesTrail (2 pages) – Map and order form

FingerLakesTrailMap (1 page) – Enlarged map of Finger Lakes Trail

GuideForMeritBadgeCounseling (6 pages) – The official guide

InternetAdvancement (41 pages) – PDF file of how to use Internet Advancement

Map_t19 5-26-2015 (1 page) - Mid State Trail US6 to PA287

Map_t20_06142016 (1 page) – Mid State Trail PA287 to New York border

MeritBadge (2 pages) – Merit badge counselor orientation

MeritBadgeGroupInstGuide (3 pages) – Group instruction for merit badges

NOVA (32 pages) – NOVA Awards Program

NOVABoyScout (9 pages) – NOVA for Boy Scouts

NOVACub (15 pages) – NOVA for Cub Scouts

NOVAVenture (7 pages) – NOVA for Crews

NOVAWebelos (2 pages) – NOVA for Webelos

Outfitters (Excel file) – Local outfitters

PACerts (6 pages) – Information about PA Certifications

Pennsylvania Act 153 Background Checks (5 pages) – Information

Plymouth_woods (1 page) – Finger Lakes Land Trust map

Service_Project_JTE_Report_Form (1 page) – Form still good

Steege_hill (1 page) – Finger Lakes Land Trust map

SupernovaApplication (2 pages) – Application for Supernova award

Venturer_Supernova_Awards (3 pages) - Information


APR 2017

CANDLE_Ceremony (2 pages) – A Court of Honor candle ceremony

CARDS (1 page) – Presenting Chip Cards at a Court of Honor

Ceremonies (23 pages) – Boy Scout ceremonies

Closings (3 pages) – Different closings

CourtofHonor1 (5 pages) – Typical Court of Honor

Eagle (6 pages) – Eagle Court of Honor

Eagle_Checklist (2 pages) – Scout List to prepare for Eagle Scoutmaster conference

Eagle_Invitation (1 page) – Template for printing Eagle Court invitations

Eagle_Letters (1 page) – Template to request congratulatory Eagle letters

Eagle_Program (1 page) – Template for Eagle Court program handout

Elements of Scouting Ceremony (9 pages) – Items needed for Court of Honor

First_Class (1 page) – Court of Honor reading to present First Class rank

FlagCeremonies (11 pages) – Different flag ceremonies

Graduation (4 pages) – Webelos to Scout crossover ceremony

Interfaithservice (2 pages) – Sunday service

Investiture (1 page) – Investiture ceremony

Life (1 page) – Court of Honor reading to present Life rank

Openings (1 page) – Some opening ceremonies

Quotes (2 pages) – Baden-Powell quotes

Roundtable Charter Presentation (3 pages) – Charter presentation ceremony

Scout Induction Ceremony (7 pages) – Ceremony to induct new Scouts into the troop

Second_Class (1 page) – Court of Honor reading to present Second Class rank

SMMinute (18 pages) – Scoutmaster minutes

Star (1 page) – Court of Honor reading to present Star rank

Tenderfoot (1 page) – Court of Honor reading to present Tenderfoot rank


MAY 2017

CompassGames (1 page) – Compass bearings to get you back to start point

Design_0 (7 pages) – Orienteering course design

Em2474 (25 pages) – Outdoor Navigation With Map and Compass

Findingnorthwithoutcompass (3 pages) – How to find north without a compass

FindingYoyrWay (1 page) – How to find your way

Fourdaylessonplan (6 pages) – Orienteering merit badge plan

Land-Navigation-with-map (56 pages) – Map, Compass, & Land Navigation

M_C_Training (28 slides) – Map and compass training

Map and Compass (82 pages) – Map and compass training

Map_Skills_Booklet (32 pages) – Basic map and GPS Skills

Mapcompass (34 pages) – Use of map and compass

Map-compass (67 pages) – Land navigation training

Map-compass-skills (4 pages) – Basic map and compass skills

MayOrienteering (8 pages) – Orienteering game

Navigation (69 pages) – Practical navigation with map and compass

OR3HR (2 pages) – Plan for teaching orienteering course

Orienteering-be_expert_with_map_and_compass (258 pages) – Map/compass skills

Orientfl (1 page) – Goals for orienteering weekend

School_map (7 pages) – How to make a map of the school

Seminar_Navigation (12 pages) – Navigation seminar

OSOFsymbols (1 page) – Orienteering map symbols

WHS (1 page) – Map of Williamson High School


SEP 2017

513-011_Trifold (2 pages) – JTE handout

2017_JTE_Troop_Scorecard (2 pages) – Troop JTE Scorecard

2017_JTE_Troop_Spreadsheet – Spreadsheet for calculating troop JTE score

2017_Troop_JTE_Guidebook (28 pages) – How to improve your troop

2017Sep7Icebreaker (2 pages) – An icebreaker

JTE_What’s_in_it_for_me (1 page) – What your troop gets from JTE

Service_Project_JTE_Report_form (1 page) – JTE service project reporting form

Training_Mgr_Powerpoint (33 slides) – my.scoutong.org tools

Unit_Finish_Line_Report_Instructions (1 page) – JTE unit finish line report instructions

Why Bother Using JTE (4 pages) – Why it’s worth using JTE


OCT 2017

88-PhilmontSongbook (112 pages) – Philmont songs

2009-06-05_cubstuff-info (91 pages) – Scouting campfire songs

Boyscoutstories (128 pages) – Scout campfire stories

Campfire Stories (14 pages) – How to tell campfire stories plus stories

Campfire_leaders_handbook (33 pages) – Campfire leaders handbook from Australia

CampfireGamesEdited (4 pages) – Favorite campfire games

CampfireStories (1 page) – Campfire stories

CampfireStories (10 pages) – More campfire stories

CampfireStunt (54 pages) – Campfire stunts and skits

Campsongbook (51 pages) – Campfire songbook

Ghost Stories (93 pages) – Ghost stories from the UK

GOWTK-Campfire-Stories-for-Kids (45 pages) – Campfire stories for kids

Haloween (17 pages) – Scary stories for the campfire

IAMCAMP (1 page) – Reading about camp

InspirationsEdited (11 pages) – Inspirational readings

Instructions (1 page) – Icebreaker

NatureScoutsOwn (1 page) – Scouts Own about nature

Roundtable Campfire (5 pages) – A typical campfire

Songbk_3 (17 pages) – Campfire songbook

Songbook (91 pages) – Camp songs

The Cremation of Sam McGee (2 pages) – Favorite campfire story/poem

The Shooting of Dan McGrew (2 pages) – Another favorite campfire story/poem

Troop219CampfireProgram (66 pages) – Campfire program planning and skit book


NOV 2017

101-Fundraising-Ideas-Ebook (33 pages) – Fundraisers

Fundraiser Ideas (1 page) – 40 troop fundraisers

WhyBoys leaveScouting (2 pages) – How to keep boys in Scouting


DEC 2017

BBGames2 (117 pages) – Troop games

BPGames (57 pages) – Games from Baden-Powell

Bsgames (129 pages) – Boy Scout Games

Games (55 pages) – More Boy Scout games

Games4BS (15 pages) – Games for Boy Scouts

Gamesscouts (64 pages) – Games for Scouts from Scotland

Xmas Games (10 pages) – Icebreaker games


JAN 2018

512-150_Appendix(15)_WEB (139 pages) – Troop leader guidebook appendix

Boy Led Troop (15 pages) – How to run a boy-led troop

BSAYLTContinium (2 pages) – Youth leadership training

Fifteen Minute Patrol Leader Training (4 pages) – 15 minute patrol leader training

ILST Finals 2011 (59 pages) – Leadership skills for troops

IOLS_33640 (72 pages) – Outdoor leadership skills

JLTStaffGuide (356 pages) – Junior leadership training conference

Kodiak Challenge Final (74 pages) – The Kodiak Challenge

Leadership_Training (6 pages) – Teaching troop leadership

Senior-patrol-leader-training (42 pages) – Senior Patrol Leader training guide

The Eleven Leadership Skills (11 pages) – The 11 leadership skills explained

Training_final (24 pages) – Troop junior leader training


FEB 2018

514-017-WB (1 page) – SuperNOVA Mentor Application

Constellation Identification (10 pages) – Constellation and flashcards

Nova Roundtable Training (6 pages) – Explanation of NOVA Program

NOVA (32 pages) – About the NOVA awards program

Nova_counselor_self_study (52 slides) – NOVA counselor training PowerPoint

NOVA_Counselor_Self_Study_Guide (10 pages) – NOVA counselor training

Nova_counselor_training_instructors_guide (11 pages) – NOVA counselor training

NOVABoyScout (9 pages) – NOVA for Boy Scouts

NOVACounselors (1 page) – NOVA counselors and SuperNOVA mentors

NOVACub (15 pages) – NOVA for Cubs

NOVAVenture (7 pages) – NOVA for Venturers

NOVAWebelos (2 pages) – NOVA for Webelos

STEM-orientation (13 slides) – The STEM Program PowerPoint

STEM Orientation Self Study (14 slides) – STEM orientation PowerPoint

Supernova Mentors Guide (23 pages) – SuperNOVA mentor training

SupernovaApplication (1 page) – SuperNOVA Award Application

Venturer Supernova Awards (3 pages) – SuperNOVA Awards for Venturers


MAR 2018

2017 GuideToAdvancement (100 pages) – Scan of the book

Eagle Scout Paperwork Checklist for Scoutmaster (1 page) – Red flags to look for

Eagle_palms 2017 (1 page) – Eagle palms requirement

EagleCourtOfHonorHandbook (105 pages) – How to do an Eagle Court of Honor

Guide To Safe Scouting (105 pages) – Scan of book

QuickSteps (1 page) – The Council website guide for Eagle rank

The Eagle Scout Service Project (16 slides) – All about the Eagle Service Project

TheEagleScoutApplicationProcess (8 min video) – Overview of Eagle process

Williamson Road District Eagle Process (3 pages) – What QuickSteps left out


APR 2018

Program Resources and Program Planning (2 pages) – Links to FRC, BSA, Other helpful sites

Topic Index for Boy Scout Unit Flash Drive (8 pages) - All files on flash frive by month


MAY 2018

LunarSurvival (2 pages) – Scenario to demonstrate survival thinking

MB Wilderness Survival Guide (68 pages) – Merit Badge Book

OutdoorSurvival (3 pages) – Summary of outdoor survival

SVRWX (1 page) – Severe weather training

VacationSurvival (2 pages) – Scenario to demonstrate outdoor survival thinking


SEP 2018

1stYear 1stClassRevised (47 pages_ - How to get first class in the first year

100Ideastroop (17 pages) – 100 ideas for troop meetings

512-150_Appendix(15)_WEB (25 pages) – Troop leader guidebook appendix

33110_Cover_Appendix (10 pages) – Troop forms

33110_WEB (138 pages) – Troop Program Features Volume 1

33111_WEB (138 pages) – Troop Program Features Volume 2

33112_WEB (138 pages) – Troop Program Features Volume 3

33588 (150 pages) – Troop Program Resources

AnnualProgramPlanning (2 pages) – Summary of topic

BSA-Troop Annual Program Planning Conference (PPTX file) – For troop committee

First Class Program (34 pages) – Sample program of how to do this in 1 year

Planning Your Annual Program (1 page) – Summary

Program Resources and Unit Program Planning (2 pages) – Clickable links

Topic Index for Boy Scout Unit Flash Drive (2 pages) – Clickable links

Scoutcraft_skills (24 pages) – Resource for troop meetings

Scoutfiles (27 pages) – Resource for troop meetings

Topic Index for Boy Scout Unit Flash Drive (7 pages) – Summary of ALL files

UnitProgram (2 pages) – 77 places to go by topic - with clickable links


OCT 2018

510-234-NewParentFlyer-Fillable (2 pages) – Flyer to sign up parents

2018-Growth-Plan-Workbook (3 tabs) – Keeping track of unit growth

BoyScoutRecruitingResources (2 pages) – Resources for troop recruiting

Camping-With-Cub-Scouts-Playbook (8 pages) – Recruiting Cubs by camping

Den Chief Requirements (1 page) – What to consider when appointing a Den Chief

Hooked-On-Scouting-Playbook (7 pages) – Recruiting Webelos with fishing event

On-Target-with-Scouting-Playbook (7 pages) – Recruiting Webelos with shooting event

PlacesToTakeYourUnit (2 pages) – Local places to take your unit

RecruitingWebelos (7 pages) – How to recruit Webelos

Rocket-Into-Scouting-Playbook (7 pages) – Recruiting Webelos with rocket event

Sample parent letter troop (1 page) – Letter to give parents to get them to help

Science-of-Scouting-Playbook (7 pages) – Recruiting Webelos with science event

TrackingWebelos (1 page) – Spreadsheet to keep track of upcoming Webelos


District Events


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