Welcome to the Venturing webpage of the Five Rivers Council.  The content of this page is designed to provide many different resources for the youth and adult leaders of current Venturing Crews as well as interested individuals and organizations thinking about organizing a Venturing Crew in their neighborhood.  Just click on any of the links below to go to the various topics associated with Venturing BSA.

How to get started:

What is Venturing?

Contact your District Executive if you would like to join Venturing or start a Crew.

What awards can I work for in Venturing?

National resources for Marketing/Recruiting for Venturing

Annual Program Planning Guide


Venturing in the Five Rivers Council:

2018 Venturing Officer's Association - Aeronautics September 14-16

What is Powder Horn?



Venturing District Chairperson

Venturing Mentor Profile Sheet

Venturing Administration Guide

Venturing Officer Application

Venturing Standard Operating Procedures




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